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29 December 2020
Sharing dari SobatYOUCAT

Last Christmas my wife was due, and the wait for Jesus mixed tangibly with the excitement and wonder of expecting our son.

This Christmas, our son is almost 1 year old. I know now not only from hearsay what it means to be a father and what it means to tend a baby.

My son is not yet old enough to get the full sense of what it means that God became man. But we made an extra effort of really now purchasing a crip with statues and we sing Christian Christmas Carols. And when my son sees pictures of Jesus, or hears me imitating the sound of sheep, he smiles!

What I will do on Christmas Eve? As always since a few years, I will take the statue of baby Jesus into my arms and marvel: He made himself weak, so I could take him into my life. I will press him against my chest and thank him, and then I will pass him to the other members of my family! My wife will take baby Jesus into her arms. And I will smile and be thankful that even my son, only 1 year old, will be strong enough to hold Jesus in his arms: And I will kneel and thank him for becoming so small that we can take him into our lives, and I will pray anew that he stays with us.

(Johann Rhee)